RSS ro Google+ Poster Has Been Added to RSS Ground

RSS to Google+ Poster Following the numerous requests from you and our own intention a new RSS to Google+ Poster has been added to RSS Ground arsenal!

The set of RSS Ground posters would never look finished without Google+ poster. Since Google+ is one of the most popular social networks we consider it to be a vital necessity to have along with other posters.

Now you will be able to make scheduled posts ...

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Long awaited service for bloggers of all levels launching April 22nd, 2013

Be A Blogging Chief


We are about to launch a new website called with services that a lot of people wanted forever.

Do you have a great idea for a blog, but don’t have time or skills to creat one, so it looks top notch? Or, may be, you need to quickly add another WordPress blog to your blog network ...

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Professional blogs setup & maintainance service is about to be released


A new service called Blogican (Blog I Can) coming out in January of 2013. We will offer a full range of services for bloggers of all levels:

  • WordPress blogs installation and setup along with professional themes and plugins
  • Blog maintainance – wordpress, plugins and themes recurring updates.
  • Blogging optimized professional hosting
  • Original human written niche articles auto posted to your blog on monthly basis.
  • Niche related affiliate products with your affiliate ID posted to your blog.
  • Niche related videos ...
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Welcome to RSS Feed Converter Blog!

Hello dear RSS Feed Converter Users!

We welcome you in our service blog which will provide you with all the latest information on upgrades and updates in RSS feed Converter and Datafeed to RSS Converter.

Here you will also find all the latest company news including promotions, presentations and special offers.

We will also add different useful articles with tips, hints and case studies on Internet marketing and eBusiness thematic in order to make your online ventures even more successful.

Stay tuned, updated ...

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