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  • Top 10 Advantages Of Contextual Link Building.

    What is contextual link building? Contextual link building is the process whereby you include a link to a relevant site within the body of the text you are writing. Google and other search engines note the presence of such links and use them to rank your site or page. Pages with contextual links will rank […]

  • Why Dofollow and Nofollow Matter in Blogging.

    As a newbie blogger, you might come across situations wherein you might be commenting on many distinct blogs leaving a link and you might be getting traffic that has references from that link but still Google does not list them. You might wonder as to why has this situation arisen. The answer is pretty simple […]

  • When Is Link Worth More Than a Link?

    I would hope that since the Google Penguin update came crashing down around everyone’s ears last year that site owners are being a little more careful about their link building choices. While I don’t want the fear of a penalty to halt your link building campaign in its tracks (which I’m sure has happened for […]

  • 4 Kickass Resources for Beginner and Expert Link Builders.

    Looking for the best place to publish that awesome piece of content? Want to know about up-and-coming sites to get great links from? Trying to get a site mentioned in the media? Then congratulations, you’re probably a link builder. And since getting ‘linked to’ is one of the hardest most time-consuming SEO tasks to perform, […]