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  • 9 Unique Tips to Grow Your Store’s Online Presence With Social Media

    9 Unique Tips to Grow Your Store’s Online Presence With Social Media

    You setup your social media accounts, maybe Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, but it’s been a few weeks or even years since you’ve touched the accounts. This happens far too often with small businesses. The problem is that even when stores implement decent social strategies it’s tough to improve sales, or at least track whether sales […]

  • 5 Major SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Before I start telling you about these SEO mistakes, let’s take a look on what has happened in SEO world in recent months:- On October 17, 2014 Google rolled out Penguin 3.0 (The algorithm penalizing websites with spam backlinks) On September 23, 2014 Google refreshed Panda 4.0 (The algorithm penalizing websites with spam & low […]

  • 10 Ways to Use Social Media in Event Marketing

    Our recent post ‘Event Marketing: 5 Ways to Promote Your Next Event or Conference‘ received some great feedback. So this week, we delve deeper into what it is to market an event or conference, this time focusing on how to use social media in event marketing in 10 ways: 1) Make the Most of Your […]

  • How To Launch A Video On YouTube

    As you probably already know, you can, and should, use multi-media – including videos – on your blog. But you can also use video marketing to help drive traffic to your blog. First, let’s quickly go over how to create your video: While you don’t need to go out and buy the most expensive equipment, […]

  • Using the Right Data To Fuel Your Paid Advertising.

    Paid advertising is becoming more and more advanced in terms of targeting capabilities, and this trend will continue to occur for the foreseeable future. How, you ask? One example includes Google’s Enhanced Campaigns, which allow users to bid higher or lower based on country, state, DMA, city, or even the zip code level, day of […]

  • 7 Tips for Killer Online Customer Reviews.

    Chances are you’re not the only retailer in your industry. And your business is being judged alongside other online businesses by potential customers and search engines. Getting great customer reviews on Google+ Local, Yelp and other review services can give your company a huge advantage. Why are online customer reviews so important? 70% of consumers […]

  • 5 Ways to Attract Links in Boring Niches.

    Bringing readers to a website that focuses on a niche only loved by its narrow band of strict adherents can be an almost insurmountable task given the limited audience and likely robust competition from other websites. Leading to pages upon pages of well-written but unread web content, a boring niche can make plugging ahead and […]