9 Unique Tips to Grow Your Store’s Online Presence With Social Media

You setup your social media accounts, maybe Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, but it’s been a few weeks or even years since you’ve touched the accounts. This happens far too often with small businesses. The problem is that even when stores implement decent social strategies it’s tough to improve sales, or at least track whether sales are occurring through social media.

Around 85 percent of social/ecommerce orders come from Facebook.

What does this say? Well, to start, this is talking about the percentage compared to other social networks, and although Facebook still reigns supreme, other sites boast higher order growth (Reddit) and order value (Instagram and Pinterest). Building an ecommerce site with hopes of connecting with customers on social media becomes confusing.

Are you doing something wrong since none of your Facebook followers are turning into buyers? Do you even have any followers? Following traditional social media tactics are hit and miss, so I encourage you to think out of the box. Let’s take a look at some ways to really stand out from everyone else who is struggling to grow an online presence with social media.

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Author: Carter Bowles
Courtesy: www.northcutt.com


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