Email Marketing for Affiliates.

In this post I discuss the process of building an email list for affiliate marketing purposes and how to do this the right way.

There are a number of very convincing reasons to build an email list in a niche market, the main reasons I’ve listed below. I also realize that not all niches markets lean well towards email marketing, but I must say the ones that do tend to be the ones I do best in.

4 Benefits of Building an Email List:

You have more opportunity to make the initial sale

You have the chance of making repeat sales from each subscriber

You can build up a reputation with your subscribers

By sending your list back to your site it helps with SEO

Most of the above points should be quite obvious to you, however to briefly summarize, if you don’t capture the email then you have only one chance to get the person to take the action you want them to take on your site, and you can’t build a reputation with them as easily, unless they bookmark your site and come back later.

As far as helping with your SEO, by this I mean, search engines like Google can tell if someone comes back to your site, and by having a list you can send them back to your site on a regular basis, as you’ll notice I do with this blog. By doing this you increase your chances of your sites content getting shared on the social sites like Facebook and Twitter, and also it increases the chances of people viewing more content on your domain, which again looks good in the eyes of Google as they’ll view your domain as being high quality.

Tips for Building Your Email List

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of building an email list, let’s now focus on some ways to gain more leads from your sites.

I like to make sure that my sites are optimized for the opt in. You will notice on this site my home page has a section at the top dedicated to the opt in, so it’s very prominent. I also use a popover to collect emails when the site loads. Some of you might think these popovers are annoying and don’t work. However I tested it on this site and it does increase the opt in rate. I’ve added a screen shot below to demonstrate number of opt ins I get, which I track by using a goal conversion in Google Analytics. The blue arrow is where I added the popover. The opt in rate for the site is currently 4.67% which is not too bad really.

Another place on the site to provide the opportunity to opt in is on the side bar, which I have on all the inner posts of this site, and most sites I own for that matter. Again this is very easy to see, however one thing I will say to critique myself is that I really should have a picture in the opt in box like I do for the home page, as this looks more appealing, so shame on me!!

Yet another place on the site for the opt in is at the end of the post, which you can see if you scroll down. I added this recently, when I realized I was wasting prime real estate at the end of the posts, which is where people look once they’ve finished reading my articles. Some of you might wonder how to do something like that, but be encouraged as it’s not hard to find someone who can do this easily and fast. All I did was hire a WordPress coder over at and he whipped it up in a few hours or less!

Marketing to Your List

Once you’re gaining leads and building up your email list, you obviously want to consider how you’ll be monetizing the leads, well actually you should have that planned before start! The key thing to keep in mind is that you want to provide great free advice for people as much as you possibly can. This can be done in a number of ways, through the emails themselves, or by creating videos for your subscribers to watch on your site. I personally prefer to send my leads back to my sites as much as I can, as I want to train them to go back to my site, as they’ll find more great content on the site which will help them.

In order to collect and manage the emails you send out, you first need an email marketing tool, I use Aweber for my affiliate sites and Mail Chimp for my E-commerce store. There are other alternatives out there, such as Get Response and others, but I have not used them myself.

Ideally you should have at least 12 emails lined up in your auto-responder sequence that will go out to new subscribers automatically upon sign up. Of course they don’t all go out at the same time, instead you stagger them over a period of weeks.

When it comes to the content they you want to send out to the list, I suggest researching the niche so that you can get in the mindset of a typical subscriber, this way you’ll have more of an idea of what they would consider helpful information. Once easy way to do this is to opt in to as many other email lists in the niche already and see what they’re doing. Best to set up a new email for this, subscribe to half a dozen, then after you’ve received a decent amount of emails from them spend some time analyzing their content…

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