7 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

search engine optimizationAre you battling the latest Google Panda update? Do you find yourself trying new SEO strategies to try and improve your website ranking to no avail? There are a number of common SEO mistakes people make if they do not stay informed with the latest updates, and do not work on creating a quality site. Small business owners want to focus on improving different areas to prevent problems from occurring. Here are some of the most common SEO mistakes.

Failure to Know Your Audience

It is important to understand your audience when you build a website. If you do not know who you are targeting, it can lead to problems obtaining traffic for your website.

Multiple Home Pages

One major problem we often see is when companies create multiple home pages. Multiple versions of the home page can lead to indexing problems. The other problem is that it can lead to other problems with linking to the home page. If you are using small business inbound marketing, it is vital to have a main home page versus several pages.

Title Tag Problems

Are you optimizing your title tags? You need to optimize your title tags if you want to see an improvement in your website ranking. Leaving pages assigned as “home” and “contact” will not provide your readers with a lot of information. A title tag is necessary for SEO as it helps improve your ranking, and allows readers to see your listing.

Keyword Overuse

If you are not working on creating content that naturally includes relevant keywords, your site could be in danger of being penalized by one of Google’s latest updates. Having the right keyword density will allow the search engine crawlers to find the content, but it doesn’t lead to problems for the readers. Use a keyword density of 3% for proper SEO.

Poor Content

If you have duplicate content on your website, search engine bots will downplay the importance of your site. Use Google webmaster tools to get an idea of the content on your website. If you have several pages that are indexed as duplicate content, it will hurt your rankings

Look for a low budget SEO solution if you need help cleaning up your content, 404 errors, and other concerns related to your website.

Crawling Problems

An effective website is designed in a manner to help the search engines find the information it needs quickly. If you have a website that is not crawalable, the search engines will skip your website. Crawl your website to find where there are errors on your website, and improve them in a timely manner.


Use analytics to help you scan your website and find issues. Making the necessary improvements to the sitemap and other errors will boost your website ranking, and will improve the usability of the website.

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Author: Lola Colums
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