4 Useful Remarketing Tips


Remarketing is a powerful tool for anyone using Google Adwords to drum up more business. It’s often under utilized and today I will be sharing some tips on how you could be doing it better.

1: Dynamic Remarketing For All Verticals:

Dynamic remarketing ads generally have a much higher success rate than static ads. You create a custom feed and upload it (Google has tutorials for this).Then you will be able to choose from a good amount of templates and then you can get creative.

2: Utilize Google Analytics Remarketing Lists:

This is a great way to improve your remarketing power yet it is still underused. Once you switch it on you can make lists for pretty much any metric in Google Analytics. Start with simple lists and once you get the hang of it the possibilities are almost endless. All the data is automatically imported into Adwords and if the data is of high quality then Google automatically starts compiling new lists to extend your reach to people who show similar characteristics.

3: Use The Time Lag To Conversions Report:

This feature allows you to select different kinds of conversions to analyze separately via a drop-down menu. There is of course a big difference between someone engaging with your content and actually making a purchase. It’s is an effective tool for analysing your success as well as constructing your own remarketing audiences. It allows you to see how long it takes someone to convert from the moment they first click on your content. This helps you determine how long your lists should be so you can get them back sooner.

4: Use Smart Lists:

Smart lists are a type of list that Google automatically generates for you based on your conversion data in Google Analytics. For these to work you must adjust your Google Analytics code to allow for remarketing and advertising. You will also need at least 10,000 monthly visitors and 500 transactions on your site to qualify. While it’s generally better to create your own lists, it is also far more time consuming. Constantly having to update your remarketing lists can be a pain, but Google’s Smart lists update dynamically based on what the latest criteria that has been shown to lead to a conversion.

These four useful remarketing tips are by no means the only methods of being successful however they are very useful cornerstones for any remarketing campaigns. They should be used in conjunction with other strategies to achieve the best possible results for your business.

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