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  • How to Cut Your Bounce Rate in Half with Interactive Content

    You can grow your blog in two ways: 1. Get more traffic. 2. Do more with the traffic you have. In my opinion, you should do both even though most people focus on the first option. Those bloggers don’t realize they’re losing a large chunk of their traffic before it even has a chance to […]

  • 5 Tips to Drive More Traffic Through Retweeting

    Your online products can get maximum exposure and attention through twitter campaigns. An interesting post on social networking sites gets naturally Retweeted and shared by many within the online community. Retweeting hence is a wonderful way to for building reliability and trust amongst your followers and generating more demand for the particular product. Another benefit […]

  • How to Make Your Web Site A Conversions Leader

    There are not enough great examples of websites that convert well. How would you like to be a conversions leader? Whether referred to as usability, user experience, persuasive architecture, persuasive design, conversions design, customer experience design, searchability, or findability, the unifying factor behind high website conversion rates is the human to human connection. Without it, […]

  • 5 Mistakes Businesses Make On Twitter

    To follow up on Jen’s recent post about Twitter’s eight-year anniversary, I thought I’d compile a short list of mistakes that businesses regularly make on Twitter. Twitter is one of those platforms that everyone thinks they should be on, but that few people take advantage of in a way that can actually benefit their business. […]

  • What is our link strategy and how do we stay on top of Google’s changes?

    Transcript Ty Kilgore here. I just wanted to answer a couple questions about our link strategy and also how we at Fluid Advertising stay on top of the Google algorithm and best practices with Google. First I want to talk about our link strategy. One of the things that we factor in to our link […]

  • How To Build Links The Easy Way When You Just Starting Out

    It`s not easy to drive your site to the top of the search engines when you`re just starting out. All these popular bloggers will tell you to build amazing backlinks. They can maybe get backlinks from some of the biggest and most popular sites in the world, but you don`t have a chance in hell […]

  • How To Make Your Site Visible In 6 Ways

    Would you like to attain top rankings in the search engines? Do you think it’s possible to rank a site within 10 days? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, this will be the most important article you’ll ever read! SEO is the process of re-arranging a site internally to attain top […]

  • 10 Super Smart Link Building Strategies

    Tired of trying to build links the same old way? Here are some great tips to get you started on thinking out of the box in order to grab some precious links to your website: 1. Conduct a link audit. In order to figure out what’s working with your link profile and what’s not, it’s […]

  • How To Create Your Own YouTube Promoted Videos.

    Did you know that last year, YouTube surpassed Yahoo! as the world’s second largest search engine and still maintains that spot? In 2011, ComScore reported that in the United States alone, YouTube attracted 5.6 billion viewing sessions per month and the average U.S. visitor frequents the site 23 times a month with each visit lasting […]

  • 4 Kickass Resources for Beginner and Expert Link Builders.

    Looking for the best place to publish that awesome piece of content? Want to know about up-and-coming sites to get great links from? Trying to get a site mentioned in the media? Then congratulations, you’re probably a link builder. And since getting ‘linked to’ is one of the hardest most time-consuming SEO tasks to perform, […]