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  • How to Cut Your Bounce Rate in Half with Interactive Content

    You can grow your blog in two ways: 1. Get more traffic. 2. Do more with the traffic you have. In my opinion, you should do both even though most people focus on the first option. Those bloggers don’t realize they’re losing a large chunk of their traffic before it even has a chance to […]

  • How To Optimize Your Website Without Link-Building

    If you work in the search engine optimization sector, you’ve probably heard too many times that ‘link-building is dead’. Well, yes and no. Yes, because links alone won’t get you far these days. Search engines are constantly updating their algorithm; weeding out unnatural links or penalizing sites with spammy content. In fact, Google’s recent Phantom […]

  • 7 SEO-Boosting Tactics You Might Be Neglecting

    When thinking about SEO, it’s tempting to concentrate on what’s occurring behind-the-scenes and neglect better ways to increase exposure. Whether you’re directly dealing with SEO or looking to compliment your existing SEO presence with tactics for additional exposure, it’s important to continually focus on developing and growing your digital marketing strategy.   On-Page vs. Off-Page […]

  • 7 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

    Are you battling the latest Google Panda update? Do you find yourself trying new SEO strategies to try and improve your website ranking to no avail? There are a number of common SEO mistakes people make if they do not stay informed with the latest updates, and do not work on creating a quality site. […]

  • 4 common Web Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    A website can be an extremely effective way to drive customers to your business, but if it’s designed in a haphazard way, good intentions might become meaningless and costly. Keep reading to learn about four mistakes that small business owners often make, and how to avoid them during your own Internet ventures. Fancy Designs at […]

  • How to Make Your Web Site A Conversions Leader

    There are not enough great examples of websites that convert well. How would you like to be a conversions leader? Whether referred to as usability, user experience, persuasive architecture, persuasive design, conversions design, customer experience design, searchability, or findability, the unifying factor behind high website conversion rates is the human to human connection. Without it, […]

  • 8 Amazingly Free Web Design Tools!

    Why buy expensive web design software when you don’t have to? In this post I’m going to show your how to design, develop, and manage a new website project using nothing but free tools. Don’t you love the internet? These tools are totally free, totally legit, and totally amazing. Once you get your web design […]

  • Why Site Speed Is So Important?

    The Internet and Mobile devices have increased the speed at which consumers can get access to information; this increased speed has caused people to expect an almost instantaneous delivery of their digital information. If people don’t get their information in a reasonable amount of time, they quickly move on to something else that is more […]

  • How to Reduce Your Bounce Rate

    Why are customers leaving your Website? If you are watching your Google Analytics, you can tell how long your customers are staying on your Web pages and reading the information. If your “Bounce Rate” is high, your customers are not sticking around long enough to purchase your products and services. This is not good. So […]

  • 5 Important Things For Successful Modern Web Design

    Today’s, regularly lots of new updates coming in the market for web designing so, you must now consider a number of new factors when designing your website. In these factors include search and social media, modern design and content, and usability and conversion. In modern web design involves multi-function, multi department and skill set approaches. […]