The 5 Step Process To Great Keyword Research.

keywords research

Attracting new visitors to your website begins with some words being typed into a search box.

Identifying the right search terms for your SEO efforts is the most important thing that you can do to ensure that you have success on the search engines. Without the right search terms, the rest of your SEO efforts will be doomed to fail. Doing keyword research will eliminate the risk of targeting search terms ...

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No New Keywords Means No New Organic Visitors.

I was talking with a prospective client once about their priority keywords and our conversation went something like this,

Client – “We want to rank number one in Google for widgets.”

Me – “I think that’s a good long term goal, but “widgets” is extremely competitive and there are some big players in your niche that are going to be hard to beat.”

Client – “So what do we do?”

Me – “While we’re building up to “widgets,” we should also incorporate some variations ...

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