11 Facts About Pinterest and the Power of Social Sales

pinterest marketingPinterest has been grabbing the attention of your customers since it first launched in March 2010. Since that time, its growth has continued, reaching 70 million users in July 2013. This visual discovery tool is a force to be reckoned with, and your customers are the ones using this site. This begs the question: Is your business pinning to Pinterest?

Pinterest has been utilized ...

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5 Vital Things You’re Not Sharing on Social Media

vital social sharing

When clients come to me with reputation management problems, one of the first steps I take involves shutting down and cleaning up their social media sites. Striking negative comments and obliterating embarrassing photographs is Job 1, when it comes to limiting the damage a client might face.

But when the dust has cleared, these clients need to go online and fight back, and often, they have no idea what they should ...

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10 Ways to Use Social Media in Event Marketing

social media

Our recent post ‘Event Marketing: 5 Ways to Promote Your Next Event or Conference‘ received some great feedback. So this week, we delve deeper into what it is to market an event or conference, this time focusing on how to use social media in event marketing in 10 ways:

1) Make the Most of Your Hashtag

We talked about using Twitter to get bums ...

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Instagram Video vs Vine Video – Which Is Better For Your Brand?

instagram vs vine

Instagram has video. Twitter has video. People love to watch and share videos.

Brands already know that social media presence can significantly boost awareness. If you’re looking to gain serious online traction, which route should you take – Vine Video or Instagram Video?

It’s no secret that share-ability is what brands are looking for with videos – and it looks like brands have already chosen Instagram as their vehicle. Twice as many ...

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