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  • How To Make Your Site Visible In 6 Ways

    Would you like to attain top rankings in the search engines? Do you think it’s possible to rank a site within 10 days? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, this will be the most important article you’ll ever read! SEO is the process of re-arranging a site internally to attain top […]

  • SEO Strategies for Search Engine Success.

    We’ve broken down the basic strategies of SEO to its simplest form – the ABC’s. Follow these guidelines and your website can have a chance at search engine success. Architecture – The way your website is designed, or coded, could mean the difference between success and absolute failure. For this, you need to think about […]

  • Protect Your Website from the Next Search Engine Update.

    Everyone in the SEO industry is waiting for the next Google Penguin update to hit. Penguin first went live in April and was a radical wake-up call to many site owners, going after sites with poor quality back link profiles, an overuse of exact-match anchor text and other web spam tactics designed to trick the […]

  • No New Keywords Means No New Organic Visitors.

    I was talking with a prospective client once about their priority keywords and our conversation went something like this, Client – “We want to rank number one in Google for widgets.” Me – “I think that’s a good long term goal, but “widgets” is extremely competitive and there are some big players in your niche […]

  • How to Coordinate SEO and PPC Campaigns.

    Today’s post is from Eric Lander (@ericlanderseo), an SEO consultant who has worked in the industry since 2001. In his current roles as Senior Manager of SEO at D50 Media and Organic Search Strategist at How’s Your Pony?, Eric crafts strategic optimization plans and advises clients on how to increase their SEO rankings in Google […]