The Essentials of an Effective SEO Strategy.

The most effective SEO Tips You Will Ever Learn — SEO Tips

With Google making regular changes to its search engine algorithms, you need to ensure that your SEO strategy stays relevant. A number of sites fail to see the writing on the ...

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5 Ways to Improve B2B SEO Conversion Rates and Benchmarking Data.

Email marketing

How do you define conversion?

How do you use benchmark data?

For this article, I want to look deeper into the improvement of conversion rates for the B2B website. The two questions above are starting points.

Here are five recommendations for B2B search engine ...

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Top Internet Marketing Tips for the New Business.

Internet Marketing Process - Redeemer Engisoft (P) Ltd

Internet marketing is place where the enterprises promote their products or services online. Mostly this type of marketing strategy is used to communicate the enterprise’s message about its services online. It may sell goods, services, ...

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Selecting the Right Domain Name: Six Steps to Use.


If you’re gearing up to start a new website, you probably already know what the first step is going to be – finding a domain name. Now, you don’t want to just set out and get the first domain name that you come across, but instead, you’re going to want to get a domain name that works. To help you choose the best domain name possible, here are six steps that ...

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Online Marketing for a Start Up.

How small businesses can do online marketing on a small budget…

Online marketing should be for everyone and even if you can’t afford to outsource to a large agency there are still ways of making online marketing affordable for small business.


One of the most costly aspects of SEO for small business is the tools; agencies have economy of scale with their tools, being able to use the same tools for multiple clients. As such, pro subscriptions and the best software are ...

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How to Coordinate SEO and PPC Campaigns.

Today’s post is from Eric Lander (@ericlanderseo), an SEO consultant who has worked in the industry since 2001. In his current roles as Senior Manager of SEO at D50 Media and Organic Search Strategist at How’s Your Pony?, Eric crafts strategic optimization plans and advises clients on how to increase their SEO rankings in Google and Bing. You can follow his tweets at @ericlanderseo.

This may be a weird way to start my post on the PPC Associates Blog, but I ...

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