The 5 Biggest SEO Benefits of Blogging

blog seo tipsBlogging has changed dramatically over the past decade. What was once considered a niche hobby or small point of differentiation has become a common practice in nearly every industry. It’s no longer a rudimentary aspect of business, either. It’s a very strategic mechanism with a wide range of benefits – enhanced SEO chief among them.


The State of the Blogosphere

Blogs, bloggers and blogging; these are heavily-discussed topics of conversation in the ...

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8 Ways to Make Your Blog Post More Visual

blogging tips

There’s nothing worse than seeing a long blog post with paragraphs and paragraphs of text. Who wants to read that? Most readers aren’t readers, they’re skimmers, looking for bits and pieces of information. Don’t make skimmers read through long boring paragraphs just to find one tiny piece of information. A skimmer will take one look at your long blog post that’s full of paragraphs, shake their head, and bounce; hence ...

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