A Complete Guide for Conducting a Link Audit

website links

I firmly believe a thorough Internet marketing audit would benefit every website engaged in Internet marketing. In particular, conducting a link audit periodically would be even better.

Search engines modify their algorithms from time to time. Keeping current with their guidelines and requirements is crucial for success. The risks are simply too great to bypass link audits.

Webmaster’s Note: This entry is a guest post by Alpesh Karodiwal of Shivam ...

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How To Make Your Site Visible In 6 Ways

website visibility

Would you like to attain top rankings in the search engines? Do you think it’s possible to rank a site within 10 days?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, this will be the most important article you’ll ever read!

SEO is the process of re-arranging a site internally to attain top rankings in the search engines… There’re so many things you can do to optimize your site for more ...

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Instagram Video vs Vine Video – Which Is Better For Your Brand?

instagram vs vine

Instagram has video. Twitter has video. People love to watch and share videos.

Brands already know that social media presence can significantly boost awareness. If you’re looking to gain serious online traction, which route should you take – Vine Video or Instagram Video?

It’s no secret that share-ability is what brands are looking for with videos – and it looks like brands have already chosen Instagram as their vehicle. Twice as many ...

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10 Super Smart Link Building Strategies

link building tips

Tired of trying to build links the same old way? Here are some great tips to get you started on thinking out of the box in order to grab some precious links to your website:

1. Conduct a link audit. In order to figure out what’s working with your link profile and what’s not, it’s often helpful to find out what your current link profile looks like. Plus, if you ...

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8 Ways to Make Your Blog Post More Visual

blogging tips

There’s nothing worse than seeing a long blog post with paragraphs and paragraphs of text. Who wants to read that? Most readers aren’t readers, they’re skimmers, looking for bits and pieces of information. Don’t make skimmers read through long boring paragraphs just to find one tiny piece of information. A skimmer will take one look at your long blog post that’s full of paragraphs, shake their head, and bounce; hence ...

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5 Important Things For Successful Modern Web Design

website design

Today’s, regularly lots of new updates coming in the market for web designing so, you must now consider a number of new factors when designing your website. In these factors include search and social media, modern design and content, and usability and conversion.

In modern web design involves multi-function, multi department and skill set approaches. These 5 are the most important things for successful modern web design that described below.


Attractive Design ...

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5 Dangerous Conversion Optimization Myths

traffic conversion

We’re in an industry that loves best practices, but A/B and multivariate testing is famous for busting apart our sacred cows and proving that not all generally accepted BP’s are optimal for every business.

Ironically, conversion optimization has its own best practice myths that need to be busted. Let’s look at 5.

1. Users don’t read

Anyone who’s read Steve Krug’s classic Don’t Make Me Think ...

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Why Blog?

why blog

You have probably noticed the thousands of blogs online from big businesses, Mom-and-Pop stores and individuals. Some of the information is interesting while most of it is boring (or just a way for people to vent or talk about themselves.)

However, if you are not blogging, you may be missing out.

Why blog?

If you are a business owner, blogging has many benefits:

1. Boost online awareness.

By ...

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How To Launch A Video On YouTube

youtube marketing

As you probably already know, you can, and should, use multi-media – including videos – on your blog. But you can also use video marketing to help drive traffic to your blog.

First, let’s quickly go over how to create your video:

  • While you don’t need to go out and buy the most expensive equipment, you should use a good camera, microphone, lighting and backdrop. You want your video to be professional
  • .

  • Pay attention ...
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Make Your Website Look Official With Its Own Custom Favicon


A favicon is the little custom icon that appears in the browser tab just to the left of the page’s title. It is most often just the logo for a website shrunk down to 16 X 16 pixels. Below is an example of a site that has a favicon and one that does not.

When someone bookmarks your site, your favicon will appear with the ...

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