7 Tips to use social media in selling process

social media tipsSocial Media is a term which easily gets associated with any individual these days. These days, life is fast paced, we lack the required time & energy to indulge ourselves in every single detail be it in the domain of day to day activities, establishing connections with our peer groups and in various others ways.

Companies tend to suffer in a number of ways as customers tend to move away from traditional ways of marketing to more newer modes of marketing due to the “over evolution” of internet in every hook & nook of the globe. Hence almost every company is establishing a connection with the masses through the utilization of “social media” as a platform to showcase their product, break the established clutter, and ultimately sell the product to consumers.

Companies are formulating newer strategies to overcome the threat of stagnating sale, to become a company with thumping sale figures. Now we will talk about the 7 different uses of social media in successfully selling a product.

7 tips to use social media in selling products or services

1. Detail Description – Social media is the apt answer to the difficult problem of getting the required customers attention to tell “who am I” or “what am I”?. One can easily give a detailed comprehensive description of a product on the social media that the customers want to know. One should use the creative tactics to lure the customer to stay on the page for the required time to transform that into a sale. Most big online retail giant uses this strategy (like flipkart, yepme , etc) to increase their reach to a wider mass.

2. Create a platform – Customers are always in need for newer or modified products & companies are willing to know those needs/ideas. Social media easily creates a platform where customers can share their thought as to what they think should be a more “desired product”. Companies can use this raw data to brainstorm & search for new product ideas, and ultimately sell the right product to the customers.

3. Integration – A proper social media campaign properly integrates a number of media vehicles in the best possible ways to give the desired result. Hence a proper integration among all media in a most comprehensive way leads the product through the right channel where it has a number of prospective buyers.

4. Following the trends – Customers have a lot more to say about what they think about the product which could be both negative & positive feedback. Companies should follow this trend, they should try to resolve the negative talks and established the positive feedback with proper testimonials and highlight them to get more customers attention.

5. Vibrant Presence – Companies should have a vibrant presence with optimum amount of videos, photos, PDF flies etc to give the customers a in-depth idea about the products or services in the best possible creative ways.

6. Learn & Improve – The above points if followed properly help the company to learn authentically as to how resolve customer’s complains & to improve their process. Unless & until the company can improve itself, it will become difficult to stand the test of the competition.

7. Deals , Discounts & more – As the number of people reading the social media keeps on increasing every day, so this creates the right platform to announce the deals & discounts which could be read by a number of people. This will in turn increase the traffic on the company’s website & increase the sales simultaneously. In gist, you need some simple, straight forward, trustworthy but tricky ideas to promote your company through social media.
Author: Debajyoti Banerjee
Courtesy: www.7boats.com

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