Money Cannot Always Buy You Great Ranks in SERP

google page rankA strange problem seems to have cropped up in the world of marketing. You will find many of the small business owners keeping their face sagged and complaining almost always that it is the budget crunch that does not let them make their mark on the social media and all other platforms of search marketing. The big marketers on the other hand keep grudging that their big budget cannot help them much in putting their marketing ventures I place.

It is difficult to judge who between the two is right. However, in present marketing scenario, both seem to have a point.

Local or small businesses are right to a certain extent when they think that low budget holds back their efforts of search market optimization from being successful. Whenever, Google announces that in their new algorithm they are not going to allow low quality sites have prominent position in the search ranking list, small businesses start putting themselves in that group of ‘low-quality’sites categorized by Google. They are not always prejudiced by the thought of Google favoring big brands. Links, search results with contents having big names often get a better amount of click-throughs.

Big brands cannot shed off their share of frustration as well. Having a stable or even a heavier bank balance can indeed put an organization in an advantageous position. However, bigger budget cannot help an organization always, especially when the money is put on a number of internet marketing tools. Their big budget cannot apparently have a significant effect on some online marketing procedures including, PR, SEO, etc. In simple words, money cannot buy you a good position in the low cost areas of search engine optimization. It cannot always take the site to the top, atleast not through the low-cost marketing procedures.

Internet marketing is a strange field these days where all the competitors are feeling insecure. Small companies think that the bigger ones have their advantage over the smaller ones because of their smarter bank balance, while the bigger ones think that their “conventional advantage” is not at all an advantage anymore. In my opinion, none of them is wrong. So, the only way to salvage is to find out the right ways to turn every dime you spend on your organization’s marketing procedure, into profit. Improving your ROI is the only way-out of your trouble.

Author: Debajyoti Banerjee

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