Month: March 2014

  • 5 Mistakes Businesses Make On Twitter

    To follow up on Jen’s recent post about Twitter’s eight-year anniversary, I thought I’d compile a short list of mistakes that businesses regularly make on Twitter. Twitter is one of those platforms that everyone thinks they should be on, but that few people take advantage of in a way that can actually benefit their business. […]

  • Money Cannot Always Buy You Great Ranks in SERP

    A strange problem seems to have cropped up in the world of marketing. You will find many of the small business owners keeping their face sagged and complaining almost always that it is the budget crunch that does not let them make their mark on the social media and all other platforms of search marketing. […]

  • Why Your Marketing Needs To Be Cool

    There’s a classic scene in Pulp Fiction where Samuel L. Jackson’s character yells to the woman holding up the diner, “[Yolanda], be cool!” (Only he substitutes a disparaging word for females in place of “Yolanda,” but we can sacrifice accuracy in the name of keeping it clean.) How does Jules Winnifeld’s angry exclamation relate to […]

  • What is our link strategy and how do we stay on top of Google’s changes?

    Transcript Ty Kilgore here. I just wanted to answer a couple questions about our link strategy and also how we at Fluid Advertising stay on top of the Google algorithm and best practices with Google. First I want to talk about our link strategy. One of the things that we factor in to our link […]