Month: June 2013

  • Make Your Website Look Official With Its Own Custom Favicon

    A favicon is the little custom icon that appears in the browser tab just to the left of the page’s title. It is most often just the logo for a website shrunk down to 16 X 16 pixels. Below is an example of a site that has a favicon and one that does not. When […]

  • 10 Social Media Tips to Increase Your YouTube Presence.

    YouTube is one of the most powerful social networks in the world. The platform allows you to share your ideas through video and interact with a potentially enormous audience. But simply posting a video on YouTube does not guarantee an audience. It’s extremely important for YouTube content creators to leverage other social platforms like Facebook […]

  • Expanding Your PPC Beyond AdWords.

    Every now and then a company will come to me wanting to start doing some PPC for their business. Most of these businesses are small and usually relatively new, thus they have limited budget and are targeting smaller niche areas in their target market. The obvious starting point is Google AdWords. Google has nearly 70% […]

  • The 5 Step Process To Great Keyword Research.

    Attracting new visitors to your website begins with some words being typed into a search box. Identifying the right search terms for your SEO efforts is the most important thing that you can do to ensure that you have success on the search engines. Without the right search terms, the rest of your SEO efforts […]