Month: May 2013

  • 5 Ideas for Putting the Soul Back into Your Content.

    If you’re a writer or content creator for long enough, you’ll eventually reach a point where everything you do becomes a routine. You develop the habit of writing 1000 words a day and stick to it like your life depends on it. You keep perfect and polishing your work until it inevitably loses that thing […]

  • On-Page Vs Off-Page SEO.

    A big part of every client relationship we have at Pan Galactic centers around education. Search Engine Optimization is intangible, highly technical, and just downright confusing to many people. Our 101 posts are a response to this situation. Whenever we get enough questions coming through the door on a topic, out comes a blog post! […]

  • Mining Your Social Networks for Content Marketing Ideas.

    Content marketing is undoubtedly a great way to promote your website, but the problem is that it’s – well – hard! Creating compelling content that engages your readers isn’t as simple as pressing a button or running an automated link building tool (of course, the things that are effective usually require more effort to complete!). […]

  • Top 10 Advantages Of Contextual Link Building.

    What is contextual link building? Contextual link building is the process whereby you include a link to a relevant site within the body of the text you are writing. Google and other search engines note the presence of such links and use them to rank your site or page. Pages with contextual links will rank […]