WordPress 3.8 released

wordpress 3.8

WordPress 3.8 released

Last week, Matt Mullenweg over at WordPress.org wrote a post about the current state of WordPress 3.8, which should be on track to be released today – 12 December 2013.

Release Candidate 2 was released earlier in the week and is likely to be the version that is released. So, what can we expect?

Dashboard overhaul

The first thing you’ll notice after upgrading is the new dashboard. This is based on ...

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RSS ro Google+ Poster Has Been Added to RSS Ground

RSS to Google+ Poster Following the numerous requests from you and our own intention a new RSS to Google+ Poster has been added to RSS Ground arsenal!

The set of RSS Ground posters would never look finished without Google+ poster. Since Google+ is one of the most popular social networks we consider it to be a vital necessity to have along with other posters.

Now you will be able to make scheduled posts ...

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How to Find the Best Affiliate Programs in Your Niche

niche affiliate marketing

In my recent post on how to research a niche one of the topics I glazed over was checking for the presence of multiple affiliate programs. Assuming you’ve found a niche idea that passed the research litmus test (or are already in a niche), it’s time to dig deep to find the best affiliate programs for you to promote within it.

Below I’m ...

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8 Amazingly Free Web Design Tools!

webdesign tools

Why buy expensive web design software when you don’t have to? In this post I’m going to show your how to design, develop, and manage a new website project using nothing but free tools. Don’t you love the internet? These tools are totally free, totally legit, and totally amazing.

Once you get your web design business off the ground you may want to upgrade one or two of these tools, but ...

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Why Site Speed Is So Important?

website speed

The Internet and Mobile devices have increased the speed at which consumers can get access to information; this increased speed has caused people to expect an almost instantaneous delivery of their digital information.

If people don’t get their information in a reasonable amount of time, they quickly move on to something else that is more accessible.

This situation is extremely important to website owners; if people don’t instantly get the information they need ...

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Link Building vs Content Marketing

content marketing

A lot of businesses make the mistake of thinking that certain SEO techniques can’t possibly lose their edge. Ask any company that relied on blog commenting, forum signatures and other shady SEO techniques of yesteryear about this mistake and you’ll earn a few nasty looks and a lengthy tirade for your troubles.

The fact is that simple SEO techniques almost always become less effective over time, especially if they’re not quite ‘white ...

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10 Ways to Use Social Media in Event Marketing

social media

Our recent post ‘Event Marketing: 5 Ways to Promote Your Next Event or Conference‘ received some great feedback. So this week, we delve deeper into what it is to market an event or conference, this time focusing on how to use social media in event marketing in 10 ways:

1) Make the Most of Your Hashtag

We talked about using Twitter to get bums ...

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How to Build White Hat Links to Affiliate Sites

white hat seo

Don’t you hate it when you read about a cool link building strategy…

…but realize that you can’t use it because you run an affiliate site.

“That’s fine for a Fortune 500?, you say to yourself.

“But that won’t work for me. I guess it’s time to drop a few more blog comments!”

Webmaster’s Note: This post was written by Brian Dean. Affiliate marketer and link ...

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How To Build Links The Easy Way When You Just Starting Out

link building tips

It`s not easy to drive your site to the top of the search engines when you`re just starting out. All these popular bloggers will tell you to build amazing backlinks. They can maybe get backlinks from some of the biggest and most popular sites in the world, but you don`t have a chance in hell of doing the same thing. You might get one or two if you`re lucky, but ...

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How to Reduce Your Bounce Rate

reduce your bounce rate

Why are customers leaving your Website?

If you are watching your Google Analytics, you can tell how long your customers are staying on your Web pages and reading the information. If your “Bounce Rate” is high, your customers are not sticking around long enough to purchase your products and services.

This is not good. So with this in mind, here are…

3 Ways to Reduce Your Bounce Rate and Increase Sales ...

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