Selecting the Right Domain Name: Six Steps to Use.


If you’re gearing up to start a new website, you probably already know what the first step is going to be – finding a domain name. Now, you don’t want to just set out and get the first domain name that you come across, but instead, you’re going to want to get a domain name that works. To help you choose the best domain name possible, here are six steps that you should follow:

#1 Brainstorm your Keywords

No matter what kind of website you’re running, there is going to be a keyword out there that you can add to your domain name. Using the Google Keyword Estimator, this will give you a good idea for what people are searching for every day. So if you’re running a dog food website, you probably would want to have the word “dog food” in your domain.

#2 TRY to be Unique

While it can be hard, try to be unique with your domain. Using that dog food example, you don’t want to just choose “DogFoodABC.” That seems pretty boring, right? Instead, try to choose something that is unique such as, “MyDogFoodDeals” or “DogFoodster.” You want to try to not only create a great sound domain but a brand too.

#3 .com Tends to be the Best

While you don’t have to, it’s best to choose a .com extension. This is the extension that most people think of when they type in a domain. So if someone said, “Hey! Go to mydogfood online,” you would probably go to, right? While .org and .net can work, try to go for the .com if you can.

#4 Is it Easy?

Try to avoid going for domains that are too long or those that have numbers in it. For instance, if you had the number one in your domain, how would you know whether to spell it out or actually put the number in? Regardless of what the situation is, you will want to make sure that it’s very easy to remember when people land on your website.

#5 Go Short

The longer your website is, the harder it’s going to be remember. So if you’re going to create a domain name, make sure that the domain is short. By keeping it short, people won’t have to remember 30 or more characters when trying to land on your website.

#6 Watch for Copyrights

Before you even choose a website name, make sure that no one else has the name. Even if the name is registered but nothing is on the website, you may find that someone holds that copyright. With that being said, search for your potential domain name and see if any companies hold the copyright to the name. By doing this, you can avoid lawsuits and turning the domain over to the company.

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