5 Ways to Attract Links in Boring Niches.

Internet MarketingBringing readers to a website that focuses on a niche only loved by its narrow band of strict adherents can be an almost insurmountable task given the limited audience and likely robust competition from other websites. Leading to pages upon pages of well-written but unread web content, a boring niche can make plugging ahead and sticking to your original plans a very difficult mandate; even the most prolific writers and social marketers can struggle with success while working in a boring niche as they slide through a series of trial and error tests to see what takes and what doesn’t.

Luckily, tactics that offer success in these very situations have been explored and written on by many website marketers, leading to a clear and concise set of guidelines to follow when you’re working to get people interested in potentially uninteresting content.

Here are five ways to attract links in boring niches:

1. Be Sociable

As every webmaster and content publisher knows, not utilizing social media in generating buzz is marketing suicide in today’s online landscape. Offering unbeatable link generating possibilities, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others provide an entirely free way to connect with thousands of people quickly and in mere moments – those same thousands can also create links to your content just as easily.

Social media also makes it possible for you to connect on a personal level with your readers, proving yourself to be an expert in your niche and appealing to anyone who happens upon your social pages to link back to your content.

2. Use Smart and Funny Visual Aids

Allowing your textual content to lead the way in bringing information and ideas to your visitors is a must, but combining that written data with something that captures a bit of human emotion will make your content not only more useful, but fun to consume as well.

A prime example of this idea is the use of infographics, a huge trend among popular websites today. Utilizing intriguing or humorous slants in their presentation, many infographics produce a compulsion to consume content that text simply cannot, keeping visitors on the page and often leading to additional actions and backlinks.

3. Always Be Comprehensive

Even the most boring of topics has a large following; there are seven billion of us, after all. With this potential audience in mind, aim for the stars where offering information is concerned, allowing your website to serve as a comprehensive resource for the topic at hand.

This means writing tutorials that leave nothing to the imagination, providing news that contains every detail and source your reader could possibly want and generally creating content with your audience in mind. Given the stiff competition that you’re likely facing, even in an underserved niche, there is no excuse for not going the extra mile if you want to convince readers to rely on you for the information they need.

4. Let Your Design Lead the Way

While text may be the backbone of the web at all levels, the first thing that a visitor will notice about your website is its design, and there is no reason that an entirely boring website can’t rock an attractive design that will persuade people to linger just a moment longer.

What your design will entail is up to you; the possibilities are endless. Whatever you come up with, be sure to find that fine line between functional and eye-catching for the best possible effect!

5. Go the Extra Mile

After the beautiful design is in place and the top-notch content is ready to be consumed, all that remains is staying on top of things and that means keeping an eye on every aspect of your website and its visitors. If you see an opportunity to follow-up on an article or to connect with one of your readers, never shy away.

At the end of the day, your distinct personality and style will set you apart more than even your topic and utilizing this towards an advantage in viral, linkable web pages can easily be the difference between success and failure in any niche, especially a particularly boring one.

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