Great Tips for Article Marketing.

When it comes time for website promotion, article marketing is by far one of the most successful tools you can use. However, for article marketing to work, the articles you write have to sell. As you will discover, there are a number of ways to do this, one being the resource box. By creating a resource box within your article, you have the opportunity to provide a brief biography, which actually markets your online business without being blatant. Some of the specifics that should be included in the resource box for article marketing include the following:

* Name – Put your first and last name in the resource box. Sometimes, people will also add their title, which is acceptable but not necessary.

* URL – Always include the URL to your website so people will know exactly how to reach your company.

* Pitch – Very briefly, no more than two to three sentences, explain to readers the reasons why your website’s product and/or service is superior to that of your competitors.

* Call to Action – You also want to create a call to action, which means you encourage the reader to buy what you sell. Although some people will use more than one, the resource box should have just one such action.

The above items are the most commonly used in resource boxes. These are usually very beneficial, but there are additional options that you could consider. For instance:

* Contact Information – If you want readers to have the ability to reach you then you can always add your company’s phone number

* Subscription Address – For ezines, you can provide readers with a URL that takes them to your subscription address.

* Autoresponder – Today, many people will use an autoresponder address and while it can work if done properly, you have to be careful in that this could cause the resource box of your article marketing to be deemed spam.

* Free Report – People love free things, even if it is information. Therefore, let readers know that they will receive a report, short ebook download, or some other type of free item when they visit your website.

Now, for article marketing, you can see that specific elements will make your resource box stronger and more powerful. However, just as there are things you want to include, there are also things that should never be used such as:

* Advertisements – When creating a resource box associated with article marketing, make sure your article and products are relevant.

* Multiple Websites – Even if you are the proud owner of several online businesses, you need to maintain your integrity in the Internet world by using only one website URL, again, specific to the product being sold and mentioned in the article.

* Accomplishments – While you can be proud of yourself for the degrees, certifications, and various accomplishments earned throughout life, you need to keep the resource box concise and focused. Clean and clear is your best bet for article marketing of this type.

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